Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm Angel Pereira

Hellow Friends!

Homework # 3 "My dream apartment"

My apartment is very private and small them. It’s in a safe and wonderful neighborhood, too noisy however. It has a living room, two rooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen. Inside is modern, comfortable and quiet but cramped and dark also.

My dream apartment will be so modern and big with three rooms, three bathrooms, and a nice kitchen, a living room, a small library and a music studio. Inside spacious and quiet, light and ubicated in a safe neighborhood.

Homework # 2 "Letter for a Newspaper"

Maracaibo. February 07th, 2008

Dear Mr. Di Martino

Congratulation for your constant help for the sports programs, because young people are the country future.

This letter’s reason is about Maracaibo public transportation system, that isn’t organize and the buses and carritos are so old and only taxis have a good service. I propose with help by giving you many and new cars and buses and organize the time for wait in all the routes for have a better public transportation system in Maracaibo.

Thanks for your attention and you have a good day.

Att: Angel Pereira

Homework # 1 "Face to Face"

She's my friend Dalizamar Ramirez. She likes fast food and she's studying in Maracaibo. She's born Merida and has 19 years old.

- Where were you born?

I was born in Mérida country

- Did you grow up there?

Yes, I did grew up in El Vigía

- Where did you go to elementary school?

I went to elementary school in Los Naranjos

- How old were you when you started the university?

I had 17 years

- What’s your favorite childhood memory?

I went with my parents to zoo in mérida

- Did you have a nickname?

No, I didn’t. My friends only called me “Dali”

- Where did you use to spend your vacation?

I used to go sometimes with my family to the beach

- What sports or games did you use to play when you were child?

I used to play volleyball in the afternoons

- Did you use to play a musical instrument?

No, I didn’t. I don’t like be a musician

- What’s your favorite food when you were child?

Well, I liked the black eyed peas soup